paper lamp shade. I like how the paper has been rolled and is all different lengths and i also like the way the person has chosen to use different coloured paper to give it more texture and it also gives it a nice appeal.

Newspaper Pendant Lamp

med tag Newspaper pendant lamp in paper lights with pendant Paper & Books Magazine Light Chandelier

paper lamp shades. i like this design as i like the idea of having paper leave layered multiple times.

paper lights - I chose to have these different paper lighting effects as I thought that they looked quite cool and modern. I also chose it because I liked the way they hang down and give off a dim amount of light.

paper lamp shade. i like the design of this lamp as each cut in the pattern allows a different shade of light to come through and reflect patterns onto the wall (if it was dark).

Tesselight Paper Light Pendants

Introducing the Tesselight: Christine Price Hamilton's Bucky Ball-Inspired Polyhedral Paper Pendant Lamps -

paper lamp shade. I like the way the triangle shapes lap on top of one another to create a beautiful lightheaded.

I like this design because i like how they have turned a typical paper lampshade into a piece of art simply by overlapping lots of triangles of paper.

paper lamp shade. i like this design as i think it is fun and i also like the idea of using the muffin casings to create the shade. furthermore i like the shape a i think it looks nice and really appealing

How to make a paper lantern using cupcake liners- video tutorial! Imagine all the color and pattern combinations.