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Would you?

Would you look at me the same if you saw all my scars, if you knew all my pain?you wouldn't. I'm sorry I'm such a mess, I really am, because I love you and want to be who you want me to be. But you don't know the real me, and it's killing me.


Okay, this is uninspiring but I love this because it's for the ones who fought hard, trying to keep their demons at bay but lost. It reminds me that you don't always get what you want or need.

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Sleep doesn’t help if it’s your soul that’s tired.

the dusty corners

"imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul" he might not understand it, but he doesn't judge or fuss either


This applies to my bitch neighbor.


Monster don't sleep under your bed they sleep inside your head. Our mind feels us bad thangs, that is y a lot of people mess up in life bc the evil is taking over there thoughts

Simply liking this without knowing any context.

I love this, when searching flights to destinations it asks you were~ how about…

Att avsluta veckan med lite Depp är ju aldrig fel. Direkt efter jobbet hämtade jag upp Lina för att gå och se Dark Shadows. Den var weird. Fett weird. Men Johnny Depps rolltolkning var som vanligt…

What doesnt kill you fucks you up mentally life quote

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I have traveled through madness.