Swedish furniture manufacturer Voice. Storage system No. 5, designed by industrial designer Jesper Ståhl. via Emma's Design Blog

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The No. 216 sideboard, by Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl for Voice, is one sleek piece of storage furniture. The idea behind the design was for the door compartments to correspond to the A-series paper standards that are used worldwide. A0 (square meter) being the size of the whole unit and all the way down to A8 (74 mm x 53 mm), the smallest door on the unit.

No. 216 Sideboard by Jesper Ståhl for Voice

Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl made this awesome sideboard cabinet. It opens up little and big storage compartments and makes you creative and smart so you don't feel guilty for not doing any personal projects on the weekend.

Storage system (No. 5) from Swedish furniture manufacturer Voice. Designer Jesper Stahl. Via emmas designblog. Thanks @kokii for pinning.

5 is a modest title of the storage system, created by Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl for Voice. Now, I've seen a lot of storage, but I can hardly remember anything quite as customizable.

Arctic från Voice

Arctic Byrå Ett

Arctic från Voice