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george weasley

Easy A: Face it, there is no such thing as a sexy George. George Weasley: I beg to differ. * No words have been more true.

Meaningful Digital Paintings by British Artist DestinyBlue

s what Emma, the main character of my novel feels thinking of her lost friend: Too many fragments of my heart lie between your footprints. I will sweep them off your way until my fingers bleed.


Mistiko meaning secret or mystery in Greek. Daughter of the fates who cannot lie but often deceives with illusions of destiny. Shes named as the Fates tell her secrets about the destinies they weave.

Lumiere for Vitani by on @deviantART

Dis is gift art for ~xxx-Vitani-xxx for all her awesome stuff she draws from the roleplays we do. I hope you like it, Vitani! I& actually reasonably proud of this one. I even shaded him a lit.