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One of Barrington Stoke's excellent series for dyslexic teens, Moose Baby is a surreal story about a girl who gives birth to a moose.

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It's the party of the year and everyone's going to be there - the perfect opportunity for Anna to set up her new.

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Jas has made it clear that if new girl Kylie wants to be in her gang, she'll have to go to some lengths to prove i.

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Speak Out Refresh SE/FI, Hasbro

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Fantastically creepy ghost story from a top author. When her dad begins restoring the old Sexton house, Debbie begins to wonder whether a house really.

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Josh can't seem to do anything right, until he is suddenly invited to join the area's.

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Winner of the Branford Boase Award Marcus Sedgwick's powerful debut novel about surviving in a sinking w.

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First title in an action-packed trilogy from bestselling Chris Bradford. They say you can't outrun a bullet - what.