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Orange Ombre Hair Dye

Here in this article, we will discuss about the why shoulder tattoos for girls are trending in recent days. Where to Find Latest Shoulder Tattoo Designs for

Pastel Grunge Look - by Sarah Marie Karda -

+25 Pastel Goth Looks to Inspire You

News) Princess Sarah,otherwise known as her model name, "Sarah Marie Karda" was found dead. In an apartment building along with the other bodies of mysterious deaths. More as this story develops.

Alex, but not so innocent looking

BUT DARK LORDS, JOHANNA (increasingly realizing that if I ever get around to writing this it will be completely overtaken by elfgirl!Sherlock and elfgirl!

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Eden after she submerges herself underwater. She feels strong, in control and utterly broken all at once.

morticians-flame: “kelseyherbst: “Awesome vintage cape my lovely friend Tiffany gifted me a while ago ” ”

morticians-flame: “kelseyherbst: “Awesome vintage cape my lovely friend Tiffany gifted me a while ago ” ” < blue hair + queen

•°∘sad but kinda rad∘°•

Surprisingly pretty and versatile, this purple hue shouldn't be ruled out as a viable hair color option

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I'm Alexia but most but most people call me Mia. I'm the daughter of Hades. I really want to be glamorous but I guess that's not my destiny.I really like soul music! Eyebrow Makeup Tips

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From lilacs to violets, purple and all its shades are reigning supreme on the hair scene right now. Here are 23 of the dreamiest purple hairstyles that exist.