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Welcome to Awesomeness 2!! The theme of the board, awesome photos and things. This is not a DIY, food, clothing (unless awesome) or fitness board. Due to OUT OF CONTROL SPAMMERS I will ask that no one add people to this board. Thanks
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Que combinação maravilhosa!

clicking on Content Presentation Strategy leads to advertising site. Beautiful picture, though.


Colour inspiration - Lichen and tree bark. I don't know why but every time I look at it I thinks its The Predator! That's a good thing!

Peeking raccoons

The least raccoon:-Who are all these creatures? The biggest raccoon:- These are monsters. There name is PEOPLE. The less raccoon:- Why? The biggest raccoon:- Shut up, Harry!

epiphany by `Blepharopsis Photography / Animals, Plants & Nature / Reptiles & Amphibians

Amazing bugs, reptiles and amphibians photographed by Igor Siwanowicz

Amazing bugs, reptiles and amphibians photographed by Igor Siwanowicz. From jumping spiders to colourful chameleons, Igor's pictures encourage his audience to look a little deeper: A Chamaeleo Calyptratus (Veiled Chameleon, female)

Cakra.jpg by Saefull Regina / 500px

"My religion is nature. That’s what arouses those feelings of wonder and mysticism and gratitude in me.” - Oliver Sacks More

"Maybe a tad morbid, but that is so cool. Imagine finding that!" = I decide to put that in my portion of the gardens.

Beautiful in life and in death. the photographer said she took the picture in summer 2010 in Colorado right outside of a friend's cabin.