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Affleck niega su participacion en "La Liga de la Justicia", Mira mas NOVEDADES por

One of my favourite Superhero cartoons. It brought together DC's finest creations. The story lines are brilliant. I love the way the characters are drawn. It has a similar style to the Batman animated series.

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman - What really makes Batman think that having kryptonite will help beat Superman? Doesn't he know he's fought other villains much more powerful than him that also have kryptonite like Lex Luthor, Metallo and Titano?

Oh Sup... did you make another stupid decision? Yes, yes you did...POW! POW! Head-lock.

Batman vs Superman by German Peralta - some of the great art I've seen like this makes me hopeful for a really cool film. Bats needs to put Superman in his place after the events of MoS!