Simple Wine Cork Garden Markers

29 Cute DIY Garden Crafts You Can Make for Your Outdoor Space


loves me a black pergola and paver patio surrounded by gardens and potted plants, vs grass .

Gång kantad med sjösingel och lavendel

Picture 8 : Path to west side of house potential Gång kantad med sjösingel och…

Stenlagd gång, prydnadsgräs, gräsmatta, struktur

Into the Woods for a Lot Turned into Magical Garden Rooms

Perfect for side yard: Edging this front lawn beside the street is a fieldstone path with carex, boxwood, and American beech forming a privacy hedge to hide the road.


old windows turned into mini green houses, raised bed, köksträdgård, faluröd


There are so many ways to make great Wall Gardens Outdoor for your outdoor space home. It’s because It is never late to make a unique and charming garden in your yard that will be a perfect p…

Stone stairs incorporated into a slope in the existing landscape

How To Make Your Own Stone Stairs