Kenneth Grönwall

Kenneth Grönwall
Stockholm / Art Director and co-owner of Dolores Creative Kingdom, Stockholm. I love design and Internet. Like Polaroid, cakes and beer. Feed me with inspiration and coffee
Kenneth Grönwall
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The Petersen Automotive Museum Celebrates 70 Years of Ferrari with Iconic Cars

Pennhållare, förvaring för pennorna vid skrivbordet i barnrummet

Hanging cans are a great way to store pens and pencils to clear up any office space! or in shop to store pens, pencils, drill bits, just let your imagination run wild

Kids books on display. Bookshelf. Sabina Hagbo Smycken: Bebisrum / Pojkrum!

Värimaailma - harmaata, punaista, valkoista, mustaa book display ideas, this will look good in the kitchen with cookbooks too