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Kristina Tjernström
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En perfekt vinterdessert som är fantastiskt god och vacker att titta på.

Vanilla pannacotta with lingon berries and ginger bread - Recipe in swedish

I love this post so much!!!!! Small things throw me into depression sometimes, and I never feel like I can talk to people because it's just so small and pitiful, but in still depressed none the less

I need to remember this. Graphic makes me want to cry though.

21 free printable Gilmore Girls quotes that will make you remember why you love…

21 Printable Gilmore Girls Quotes that Will Take You Back to Stars Hollow

sprid kärlek

I'm sure I think about you more though, I'm like a fleeting interest, only when it good for you.

citat om livet svenska - Sök på Google

If the grass seems greener on the other side, you have forgotten to water your own.

Rowan Chair

Our take on a mid-century classic, the Rowan Chair's fluid form and exposed tubular metal frame come together for a sculptural, statement-making effect. Its reclined back, cushy seat and lumbar pillow equal a chair made for lounging in complete co…

Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs ❤ liked on Polyvore

It would be all black but I want a Phoenix tattoo. It represent courage, strength, and independence. Love it better than the birds everyone gets.

Spider-Man dances to every song that you play...we've tried a few and it's HILARIOUS!!

Funny pictures about Spider-man is the master of any beat. Oh, and cool pics about Spider-man is the master of any beat. Also, Spider-man is the master of any beat.

Don't mess with me when I'm hungry!!!!

Finally a word for this feeling - FunSubstance

Oh my god I love this!!! #moodswings #food #hangry #dailystruggle #tryingtobegood #irishfitfam #healthyisthenewskinny #healthyeating #hilarious #foodhumour

Oh my god I love this!!! #moodswings #food #hangry #dailystruggle #tryingtobegood #irishfitfam #healthyisthenewskinny #healthyeating #hilarious #foodhumour