floral emblem - sweet welcoming on the face of a little hideaway in the woods

Floral folk art on the side of a building - white house with blue trim, fence or garage door

Rough-hewn porch.

I kind of like old porches like this - simple and inviting girlyme: (via Old Farm House Porch Rocker

peek-a-boo and knock-knock, said the pink hollyhock to the rough-hewn window ~

I love the old fashioned hollyhocks - we have a old small rustic building in our farm yard & this year I have decided to plant hollyhocks along the front side of our building ---

Antique panes framed with cottony white guipure.

typical European lace curtain on window.my Mum brought them from Germany to hang in our lounge room window here in Australia.still there some 30 years later.