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Children's chalkboard wall  Try MÅLA easel £16 Softwood/white. 500.210.76
Oversize round mirror
No Pattern
Brass hook: http://www.byggfabriken.com/sortiment/beslag/krokar-och-hangare/info/produkter/575-233-klaedkrok/
Wallpaper. Lotta Agaton for Residence Magazine
I love that this 'Montana Wardrobe...can also be hung on a load-bearing wall, or even placed on a mobile base with castors.' [Excerpt from post by Aram]
Blocks - front covers for IKEA furniture from Superfront
Brass hooks for adults & children. http://www.byggfabriken.com/sortiment/beslag/krokar-och-hangare/info/produkter/575-233-klaedkrok/  http://www.byggfabriken.com/sortiment/beslag/knoppar-och-handtag/info/produkter/580-242-knopp-ribershus-25/
Possible idea for kitchen back door entry. Paint it out all non contrasty...