I really want to be here!

Wisteria Tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan So Beautiful & Purple is my favorite color!

Kjeragbolten, Norway. It's beautiful and all but......NO!

Kjeragbolten, Norway I want to stand on the rock & take a picture too, awesome!

Dream, DrEaM, DREAM home!!!

Underwater bedroom at Poseidon Undersea Resort located in Fiji. Who wouldn't like to live in a place like this Underwater bedroom at Poseidon Undersea Resort located in Fiji. Who wouldn't like to live in a place like this


In the Shadow of Giants; photograph by Matt Burke. View of the picturesque church of Santa Maddalena in the Val di Funes, Italy.


Please help me! lol I know I want the black and white wedding colors, they are very classy together! could anyone please post pictures of their black and white wedding?

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, I'm giving in to my true feelings for this handsome hunk.

porch, love this

When it comes to porches, the wrap-around style is among the most popular. Typically found on homes in the southern part of the country, wrap-around porche

Coastal Tree Camping, Elk, California

Bucketlist - Sleep on an Coastal Tree // Camping, Elk, California photo by Louie Psihoyos.

I want this

The Transparent Canoe Kayak - Hammacher Schlemmer. Paddling in a glass bottom boat, in Australia = Heaven

spongebob swag

The Poseidon Undersea Resort ~ Poseidon Mystery Island, Fiji. The entire island off of Fiji is now named for this resort that just opened .

rogue wave

Massive wave in Brazil - Beautiful nature pictures, flower photos, pictures of animals, landscape photographs. Amazing nature images and photography that takes your breath away.

The edge of the earth?

'VERY, important to remember, 'Edge Control'. whether climbing a mountain. climbing the mountains of life' ♥ Kat~

we'll all float on alright

The largest hot-air balloon gathering in the world, Chambley, France. Two wishes in one.go to France, take hot air balloon ride!

The ocean is such a powerful and mysterious thing!

For anyone interested in water sports along the American coasts, California surfing is more than rewarding. There are huge winter swells down the coast and lots

Undulatus Asperatus Clouds

New: Undulatus asperatus

Nicknamed the Jacques Cousteau clouds, undulatus asperatus is a cloud formation proposed two years ago as a separate cloud classification by Pretor-Pinney, British cloud enthusiast and founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society.