"Koralläng" by Hanna Werning for Boråstapeter (Collection: "Wonderland")

KORALLÄNG The world exists if we simply close our eyes for a minute. A place where the corals of the sea flourish on a summer meadow and bunny rabbits take deep breaths and dive deep underneath the surface.Show collection Wonderland

Ett favorithem hos Tuva Minna Linn

Ett favorithem hos Tuva Minna Linn (Volang)

Nocturne 6334 - Sense of Silence - Boråstapeter

A classic pattern from our archives, Nocturne features a tight floral pattern, hand-painted and presented in both light and dark shades.

Tapet Herbarium. Design Stig LIndberg.

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MissPrint Pebble Leaf Tapet

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This modern living room has gorgeous green walls w/ a floral design & a lovely pink chaise. The pastel shades in this space make the design both modern & understated.