Wrap packages so they have a pocket for the card! Martha Stewart is so clever.

Built-In Gift Cards

Built-In Gift Cards - Martha Stewart Crafts.cut paper several inches larger than amount needed to wrap gift. fold paper, crease, wrap gift, you know how a pocket to put card in!

The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies Allrecipes.com

This is the sugar cookie recipe I always use. It makes AWESOME rolled out sugar cookies for Christmas. :) The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies Recipe

5 Science Experiments for Halloween

Halloween science experiments

Halloween Science Experiments at Science Sparks. Turn the Halloween holiday into a hands-on learning opportunity with five creepy experiments!

Bunny Bread

Easter Decorations for the Home


Love the idea of borrowing from Scandinavia's midsummer celebrations for our summer Christmas.

Easter DIT - do it together

Folded-Flower Place Card Slender tulips tell guests exactly where to plant themselves. To create them, fold your origami paper in quarters, .

paper snowflakes

Diff sizes for snowflake art Art DIY Paper flowers. A nice way to decorate packages without buying wrapping paper or bows. I made a bunch of these last year for Christmas :) diy_crafts

Midsommar traditions: cloudberry cake

Once I decided to open our cloudberry preserves (thank you, IKEA!), I realized I wanted to be able to pretty much use up the whole jar.

Midsommar | Hannu På Kinnekulle

Midsommar | Hannu På Kinnekulle