Karin Nilsson Ekengren

Karin Nilsson Ekengren

Karin Nilsson Ekengren
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Trädgårdsflow: Om buxbom, plåtkanter och lite till:

I love the orderliness in keeping the planting and mulch in place under the tree, and being able to bring in good soil for a hard to plant/grow area.


Love rocks in a flower garden. Always some white flowers thrown in. They just have a way to light up a garden as well as make other flower colors,pop.

Preschool Winter Activities: Painted Pinecone Rainbow Garland Mobile Art.

Cole can paint pine ones for Xmas tree ornaments! Scissors and Spice: Scissors Craft: Pinecone Decoration Ideas for Christmas. And how to use up your pine cones and entertain kids at the same time - kids love paint!