a decked courtyard separates and connects the original cottage to the new contemporary scheme.

Completed in 2016 in Brunswick East, Australia. Images by Peter Bennetts. In a row of workers’ cottages, there is one Dark Horse – a handsome creature. The stepped parapet, centered window, sidelined door and entrance.

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Designed by Swedish architect Erik Kolman Janouch, this wooden but totally functioning and well-equipped double cabin is located on an isolated island in northern Norway.

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I like the simple black and white pallet in this home, combine with natural elements and materials. The dark walnut floors in the living room work very well for this look and gives the space a bit more depth.

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With Spain's amazing victory in the World Cup yesterday, the rising temps and our wandering eye, we're dying to travel

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a dark and moody modern kitchen with dark colored wood cabinets and black appliances

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Image 1 of 16 from gallery of Palatine Passive House & Malboeuf Bowie Architecture. Photograph by Shea Pollard

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Discover luxury sideboards that will make a great impression in your dining room, kitchen or just anywhere! Find inspirations for your interior!

Guests wake up to views of Lake St Clair and World Heritage wilderness.

Set in World Heritage wilderness in Tasmania, this former hydro-electric pump station is now known as Pumphouse Point, a boutique hotel designed by Cumulus Studio.

Akoura Residence Youssef Tohme Architects

Youssef Tohme Architects have built the villa SC with a surface of 450 square meters, perched on Akoura’s mountains in Lebanon, at 1200 altitude meters.