pink hair

Cut and color. But i doubt i'd ever do this to my hair, cutting it THAT short AND dying it cotton candy pink? But so pretty though!

Pink hair

Oh wow, her hair looks extravagantly healthy and eye-catchy. Unicorn hair ombre pink on blonde hair

Women in the late '60s and early '70s couldn't take their eyes off of Elvis's showstopping dance moves, or Priscilla's voluminous coiff.

Hairstyles That Defined an Era

Rollers, 1971 ?  ... Being a teen surfer-dude during this age in Americana, I now admit to never having been quite sure what this giddy-up was. So, for now .."Rollers" is simply my safest and bestest guess.  Some mysteries can linger for 40 years, or longer.

Rollers, 1971 - I would sleep with a frozen orange juice container on my head every night in High School.

Like delicate blonde cotton candy

vintage everyday: When Big Hair Roamed The Earth: The Hairstyle That Defined The

when girls go wild - 1968 style

Minnie, Inez, second cousin Bernice and grandma after their pre Thanksgiving trip to the beauty shop.

Hair Hall of Fame

Gertrude Forstner aka Lady Chinchilla, Brigitte Bardot’s screen double, 1963