Cute pose if you're photographing a couple at night or on a cold day. Photo by Megan Small.

Glamourous Diamonds & Desert Bridal Shoot

Snuggle up in your groom's jacket for a sweet wedding day picture. I need this picture.

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LOVE this stunning shot from Millie Holloman photography. What do you get when you combine sunrise, a beach wedding, a gorgeous couple, and a too-cute row boat?

amazing back to the dress

jenny packham wedding gown - Too much Say Yes To The Dress! I want to get another wedding gown! Hmm-married 30 years in do our vows!


With a backdrop as naturally beautiful as the Colorado Rocky Mountains, a gorgeous couple, and photos from Laura Leslie Photography, this wedding is a gem.

@ Annette Kongsmark - wedding photographero #Yxtaholms Castle

@ Annette Kongsmark - wedding photographero #Yxtaholms Castle