The Swedish princess cake – called Prinsesstårta in Swedish is one of the most popular cake in Sweden. It is a cake with a long tradition that fits for any celebration. It doesn’t matter if you need a cake for a birthday, a wedding, and anniversary or just for Fika – you are always right by choosing a delicious Prinsesstårta (princess cake).

when the three princesses of Sweden fell in love with the cake it became known as Princess Cake

Baking recipe. Enjoy a Swedish tradtion

Introducing the delicious looking Semla - a small Scandinavian, wheat flour bun (dusted with powdered sugar) flavoured with Cardamom and filled with almond paste and whipped cream! Now how does that not make you want a piece (or two) of that?

Recipe from Denmak! Try this easy and yummi dessert

Et alternativ til en vaffelis, der tager sig lidt pænere ud som gæstedessert.

This danish pastry is known all over the world and you need to try it! Every weekend the danes wake up and go to the bakery to indulge in wienerbrød (the danish word for “danish”). The bakeries don’t just they one type of danish - they have A LOT!

Wienerbrød bagt på smør - spandauer med creme eller syltetøj (Recipe in Danish)

Baking recipe: amazing chocolate fondants with the recipe of Gordon Ramsay!

This is one of my favourite recipes and such an easy one for dinner parties as you can prepare it ahead of time. Please don’t be intimidated by the Masterchef Judges on this one and how they …