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No-Fuss Garden Plans

Thanks to these ultraeasy, no-fuss plans, you can have a gorgeous garden with less work!

Front Yard Landscape Secrets

Plant a variety of evergreens to keep your yard looking classically beautiful through all the seasons. Choose from a wide range of evergreens, including groundcovers, dwarf shrubs, and large trees. Plus, their foliage offers a wealth of textures and colors. Test Garden Tip: Be sure to select evergreens that mature at the size you want, so your yard won't end up an overgrown mess.

Front Yard Landscape Secrets

Transform your front walk into a stylish statement by edging it in easy-care plants such as variegated hosta and boxwood. Conjure even more magic by putting a gentle curve in the path; it will offer your walkway with a soft, gentle look. Test Garden Tip: Choose an interesting material to make the trip to your front door even more memorable. Bricks, flagstone, and pavers all lend more charm than traditional cement.



An interiors crush and interview with German photographer Petra Reger who is at home in a factory.

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