Petra Johansson

Petra Johansson

Petra Johansson
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Blank Monopoly Board

Different blank editable board game templates - great for early finishers or differentiation options. Have games ready to go or have kids create them to match your topic.

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Warning Signs

Home Info-center *Raspberry Pi2 *old lcd monitor *unused Wacom Bamboo (glad now I didn't toss it) *Ubuntu-Mate (berryboot distro) *KORGANIZER *XPAD. (For jotting down reminders) NOTE* all KORGANIZER installs failed with the exception of the berryboot distro. Runs like a champ on their Ubuntu-MATE. real easy build for newbies, drop me a note if you have any questions...

Home Info-center *Raspberry *old lcd monitor *unused Wacom Bamboo (glad now…