Sweden / Hey there. My name is Jennifer, I'm 18 and I live in Sweden.
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Cute. I'd have to get the Lonely Mountain from the Hobbit.

I love mountain tattoos - especially when they are small and delicate like this one. Mountains are such an awesome representation of stability and steadfastness.

this watercolor is my personal favorite.. saw it almost a year ago and am still wondering how its done

for georgia, my rainbow baby. very interesting idea for a tattoo. faded colors, no outline, very soft. unlike anything I've ever seen before. looks like the rainbow a prism makes when the sun hits it.

Great placement.

spine tattoo Done by Adam Miller at Empire Tattoo, Adelaide.Second tattoo, my little dedication to Ravenclaw. “Wit beyond measure” vertically.

pretty cool, and minimalist

Doctor Who don't blink typography temporary tattoo- Stocking stuffer on Etsy…