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I loved making this one as I’m a bit of a Sherlock addict! The cake is based on the BBC series of Sherlock. I tried to use several aspects of the episodes to decorate it. All decoration is handmade and edible.

I was so confused at first, wondering why it was referencing Amy when she's from Doctor Who and then I finally realized.

I'm going to need this made for my birthday!!!

Sherlock Holmes Series Birthday I have never seen the BBC series version of Sherlock Holmes. Making this birthday cake has me curious now,.

Sherlockology: We just LOVE this DIY music box version of the Sherlock theme made by David Youd. Fancy having a go yourself? You can get the Mechanical Music Box Set from amazon UK for £13

Sherlock Theme on a creepy Victorian Lullaby-sounding music box. <--- I have a DIY music box, but I don't know how to actually poke the holes in the right place.

Little Eskimos - These would be cute made out of little pots, felt, craft foam, embellishments, etc., and made into ornaments.

ever since we watched that episode of Sherlock, John and I quote this line at every applicable opportunity :-) On my list of things to make~

Sherlock Holmes Pencils -

If you're a high functioning sociopath with no friends these pencils are PERFECT for you: I'm A High Functioning Sociopath I Have No Friends Think. It's The New Sexy Available as a pack of 3 HB pencils and hot foil stamped in the UK