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"It's bad manners to say "I love you" with a mouth full of lies

It's bad manners to say I love you with a mouth full of lies.I have a feeling someone other than myself will need to realize this very very soon

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Tsk tsk can't leave her cheating husband cos of money. Cant support herself , she's lazy and freakin dependent thats why.

But it will be way too late at that point because we will no longer care.

No I don't think they (step mom) ever will. The only thing we can do now Kylie is come back together and love each other more than ever. It's the one thing that will piss her off the most. People who (Step Father Quotes)

The me people still think I should be

I’m hurting and screaming and no one even notices, no one has even bothered to ask how I’m truly doing! I hate feeling utterly weak! I hate feeling like this. I don’t want to fight anymore, I’m just too tired.

How did I ever give someone the power to fuck me up this bad?

How did I ever give someone the power to fuck me up this bad?

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Translate: Things I didn't learn in school: -how to buy a house -pay bills -getting a job But shit thanks for learning what Hitlers grandfathers name was and learning how to know the surface of a blueberry.