Vintage Nautical Home Decor

Collection by Kristen Mashek


Vintage nautical home decor

Kristen Mashek

Vintage Carrington Barometer & Thermometer Nautical Wall Decor With Belaying Pin

Vintage Wooden Anchor Lamp With Pulley & Diving Helmet

Vintage Carrington Wall Clock & Barometer Decor With Belaying Pins - Scrimshaw Tooth

Vintage Milford Guild Barometer Nautical Lamp With A Port Lantern, & Pulley

Vintage Carrington Clock Lamp With A "Great Republic 1853" Ship In The Bottle

Vintage Carrington Clock Wall Decor

Vintage Milford Guild Ship Wheel Weather Station

Vintage Carrington Nautical Barometer Lamp With Ship Wheel & Starboard Lantern