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Krister Cederlund
Max : Tips & Trix Vertex Animation in - KJ Interactive Alpha Art, Video Game Development, Time Games, Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, Zbrush, Timeline, Engineering, Animation

Unreal 4.8 Timeline Vertex Animation - Part 3 - Tips & Trix

Follow the project Eco Tales on Facebook : Also follow the blog : Tips & Trix on the pre...

Eco Tales game now on facebook Garden Sculpture, Social Media, Events, Facebook, Game, Outdoor, Outdoors, Venison, Games

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Eco Tales game now on facebook

Eco Tales Villain - model by Jona Marklund ( Indie Games, 3d, Superhero, Model, Fictional Characters, Scale Model, Fantasy Characters, Models

Eco Tales Villain - 3D model by Jona Marklund (@jona) [5b7aae1]

This is the main villain from my latests indie game project Eco Tales ( - Eco Tales Villain - 3D model by Jona Marklund (@jona) [5b7aae1]

We're making progress on your first shop! might not look like much now, painting will start next! Store Image, Mansions, House Styles, Marketing, Check, Shop, Painting, Villas, Painting Art

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Happy second week of the year everyone! In these weekly recaps we’ll be discussing and showing stats and marketing ideas as well as show off what we’ve been up to contentwise. This week we’ve started the softest of launches, we in the long and short opened a Twitter account, in this week we’ve racked up a [...]

Unity : Image Map Image Map, Silhouette, Silhouettes

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Hello Friends of Carlotta (

Practice Makes Perfect Learning Activities, How To Make

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We are students our entire lives, not perhaps enrolled in a school per say but everyday we learn, experience and grow, or this would be true if you applied some thought into it. Active learning put the responsibility of learning into the hands of the student whom actively trues to learn by engaging in activities [...]

Unity : Afternoon Delight Jam Afternoon Delight, Unity, Road Trip, Road Trips

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After a long week of winding down from first week of vacation with the oh so obligatory cold, luckily the weather decided to catch on too as it was poring down outside. Well, of course that was only for me as Jona was living large as he is currently away on a road trip in the [...]

Programmer Ergonomics Vacation, Vacations, Holidays

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Hej, Hello and Ni Hao! Vacation time is here which means we can finally spend more time working… As a person (I dislike that phrase) that spends most time with my face planted in in or around a computer and have done so for quite a few years, ergonomics grow more and more important, this is [...]

Circle Together 4 player coop game Unity, About Me Blog, Games, Toys, Game

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It’s midsummer here in Sweden, it’s a special day where we celebrate summer, it is also the only day of the year where rain is guarantied. This summer I’m going to take some time just making smaller games, testing some new tech and having fun with development, and of course I’m not going to spend all my [...]

Screenshot eye tracking Cool Tech, Yoshi, Unity, Eye, Cool Stuff

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One of the best part of working as a game dev teacher as well as what I do over here at KJ Interactive is that LBS Stockholm can buy the cool tech, and I get to use the cool tech, and that is exactly what I did not many days ago. Tobii and SteelSeries worked together to [...]

KJ Interactive Adventure, News, Blog, Blogging, Adventure Game, Adventure Books

Development Blog news

We have recently started a development blog where you can follow us in or adventures making games, a few tutorials will show up as well as any other shenanigans we get into.

The Unity GUI canvas in the hierarchy window Unity, Language, Window, How To Get, Canvas, Tela, Windows, Language Arts, Canvases

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Before you start, I have some glad news, you can follow us on our journey for our latest game project Eco Tales. Well well well… Jona sure gets a lot of attention from his “awesome” UE4 tutorials, we can’t have it like that, I needs to get mine. However, with a voice suitable only for silent [...]

Created for this year's Global Game Jam, this is the story of how we'd like to think the first recording of The Room happened. In Tommy's garage using a Supe. Shakespeare, Shit Happens, Room, Bedroom, Rooms, Rum, Peace

The Shakespeare - A Tale from The Room - GGJ16

Created for this year's Global Game Jam, this is the story of how we'd like to think the first recording of The Room happened. In Tommy's garage using a Supe...