Tapet Duro Gammelsvenska Dellen 006-11 - Tapeter - Bygghemma.se

Tapet Duro Gammalsvenska Dellen 006-11

Tapet Duro Gammelsvenska Dellen 006-11 - Tapeter - Bygghemma.se

Maple Chaffinch 212423

‘Maple’ designed by Fiona Howard, is a contemporary pattern of bold, abstract leaf shapes and etched marks which creates a strikingly graphic design. Shown here in Autumn colouring - more colours are available. Please request a sample for true colour

Elin 489-21

Sandberg Wallpaper - Elin paint table white with green chairs. Cute and happy kitchen

Elin 489-21

Elin wallpaper from Sandberg Wallpaper by Sandberg Wallpaper

Maple Red 212426

Sanderson Maple Wallpaper Designer Fabrics and Wallpapers by Sanderson, Harlequin, Morris, Osborne, Little And many

Axmarby 092-01

During my visit to Stockholm this past fall there were a few things that stood out to me as typically Swedish - a warm welcome with food and drinks, candles burning everywhere, beautiful furniture craftsmanship and wonderful wallpaper

Axmarby 092-02

Axmarby 092-02

Meadow Sweet Cornflower/Leaf 210348

Sanderson Wallpaper, Morris Co Meadow Sweet, Cornflower, 210348

Meadow Sweet Bullrush/Taupe 210351

When you're up for a change, a single wall in different colour will bring about a breath of fresh air. Our designer wallpaper collections have many unconventional wallpaper designs to suit even the most exquisite tastes.

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