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Kristin Höög
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Tony Gil, Kerlingarfjoll (2012) (via galasai) "Some day I will be in the hills and I will look up and know that I’m gonna keep walkin’ and I know I will make it."

ICELAND, Kerlingarfjoll - photographer Tony GillOur, "An amazing place with strange geology, great colours and steaming vents whatever the weather.

mikeseehagelsquares:  Iceland isnt that big of a country so it...

mikeseehagelsquares: “ Iceland isn’t that big of a country, so it becomes very easy to run into people by accident. Especially when they are always wearing bright yellow jackets. (at Kirkjufell, Iceland) ”

10 places to go in North #Iceland! Read more about it in our blogpost!

The Northern part of Iceland has some amazing spots to explore. We have listed 10 places to go you might want to see when traveling to Iceland!


I stand between the place you look at and the place you see. Behind what you expect to see. If you expect to see me, you do. I listen in places where no one expects me to be.” ― Patricia A.

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The vagrant camp is stormed while Tawni, Diab, and Tobar are collecting firewood, and they start to the city