This is beautiful wish I could draw like this!!! So jealous!

What Wizard/Witch Are You?

Water is very sensitive to energy and even has a memory. And water has incredible power. The water spirit is revered in many cultures as protector, giver of life and ultimate purifier. Tap into her energy by putting thoughts of gratitude into your drinkin

". Ven al lado oscuro tenemos a Draco Malfoy" Me encanta esto, porque esto sucedió cuando Emma realmente estaba enamorada de Tom.

Draco Hermione "Come to the dark side. We have Draco Malfoy" I love this, because this happened when Emma actually had a crush on Tom :D

Very cool

The Devaux Coupe is an Australian automobile built from 2001 and still is. Designed by David J Clash in Australia. Named after David's mother's maiden.

10 Things you should know before you visit Stockholm, Sweden in Europe.

Stockholm: What to Know Before You Go

1924 Vintage Bentley 'Hawkeye Special'

I absolutely adore vintage racers. They’re bombasic and unique and beautiful, and required immense talent, bravery and madness from the people who drove and raced them. This 1924 Bentley Litre “Hawkeye Special”, one of many magnificent machines .

Eagle Head Mascot DIY Woodcraft Pattern #2194 - Go Eagles Mascot 24"H x 21"W. Pattern by Sherwood Creations #woodworking #woodcrafts #pattern #yardart #eagle #mascot

Eagle Head Mascot DIY Woodcraft Pattern - Go Eagles Mascot x Pattern by Sherwood Creations

GoPro: Freerunning Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard with Jason Paul

Please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position, your seat belt is securely fastened, and you are prepared for Jason Paul

GoPro Awards: Rémy Métailler’s Crazy Urban DH Run in Mexico

Rémy Métailler rips through the streets of Mexico through narrow back alleys and non-stop twisting staircases as he finishes in the

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