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Proteus Catamaran by Ugo Conti is 50' tall and 100' wide and can cover 5,000miles without refueling.   #Proteus #Catamaran #Green #Ugo_Conti

Style 2 - Proteus Catamaran by Ugo Conti is tall and wide and can cover miles without refueling.

kayak, yes. transparent kayak, double yes.

The Transparent Canoe Kayak - Hammacher Schlemmer. Paddling in a glass bottom boat, in Australia = Heaven

Bad Ass Boat

Nice boat from the movie "The Island". 118 WallyPower is a m) luxury motor yacht with a maximum speed of 60 knots mph, 110 km/h) produced by Wally Yachts. Its 33 Million for the triple gas turbine or if your slumming it get the twin-diesel for 22 million.


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