UK-based illustrator and designer Mike Lemanski has breathed life into otherwise ‘normal’ sheets of music by illustrating miniature people doing their daily routines amongst the notes and bars on the page. You can see the tiny citizens of the page getting a massage, dancing together, riding a gondola, and doing other stuff. The playful intricacy […]

City life and vibrant colours drawn onto sheet music

link doesn't lead to image, but love the idea of doodling on a sheet of music. Free printable sheet music with people! How unique

Особенный день

Artwork by Russian paper artists Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich, "People Too" (Novosibirsk)

Cheat sheet chart of piano chords. This could double as artwork for a piano studio or room. #piano #teaching #diy    .....................   .... Please save this pin! ....  Because For Real Estate Investing - Visit! Piano Chords Chart. This should help when I play the keyboard. I know the chords, but what configuration to play often eludes me. Now ANYONE Can Learn Piano or Keyboard

memorizing this is literally how I learned to play actual music on the piano. How to Transition from Classical to Jazz Piano - Chord Charts

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