DIY S’mores Pie Pops {must click the link for recipe and FULL tutorial}

S'more Cookies Use refrigerated sugar cookie dough. Roll out the dough, place your chocolate and marshmallows. Add another piece of dough over the top and "crimp" the edges. Bake using cookie dough heating instructions.

Sticky, gooey dark Fudge Brownies gone wild are bursting with lava-like~Bourbon-soaked Caramel that will get all over you! This is not a grab-n-go Brownie…nope, you’ll need to commit with a spoon, a fork and possibly a napkin!


Melted Snowman Cookies

Melted snowmen sugar cookies - icing sugar cookies idea for winter treat and Christmas cookie exchange ~Fun with the kids~

Chocolate Dipped Microwave Caramels via Deliciously Yum!

Chocolate Dipped Microwave Caramels:Homemade Caramels that only take 7 minutes to make from start to finish!

Godaste tekakorna har ni här . . . | Jennys Matblogg | Damernas Värld

Godaste tekakorna har ni här . . . | Jennys Matblogg | Damernas Värld

Bailey's Chocolate Roll

Bailey's Chocolate Roll with the Irish cream coffee creamer option replacing the Bailey’s Irish Cream in the filling.

Friterad banan recept

Friterad banan recept