Inexpensive Mini Greenhouses

Interesting idea for starting plants. Little green houses made from plastic storage bins.

Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden.

"""Put strawberry plants in concrete blocks edging a garden."""" --------->Put plants that naturally repell garden pests like marigolds? Also, cinderblock beds a good idea for around fence. Maybe use concrete stain to make them more natural looking?

DIY Small Greenhouse

How To Building a Small Greenhouse--- sometimes this is necessary in Wyoming. Our cold nights and our late frost dates make covered raised beds very appealing.

cactus greenhouse porch

Jardim com cactos e suculentas, que quase não precisam de água

greenhouse boxes

Learn how to build cold frames from recycled windows. The cold frames will act like mini greenhouses and let you extend the growing season both

old window greenhouses

old windows turned into mini green houses, raised bed, köksträdgård, faluröd