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I want that Love that will be healing for me and my partner. That kind of love that raises your vibrations💜

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla - Law of Attraction Nikola Tesla, Sacred Geometry Symbols, Spirit Science, Quantum Physics, Book Of Shadows, Knowledge, Universe, Mindfulness, Alchemy

Numerology Calculator | Numerology Number | Numerology Name.Numerology is the historic study of the relationship between names, birthdates, and number

HAND OF GODS The symbol represents the Hands of God that reaches everyone and everywhere present Esoteric Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Ancient Art, Vikings, Viking Runes, Viking Symbols, Vegvisir, Asatru, Viking Tattoos

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HAND OF GODS The symbol represents the Hands of God that reaches everyone and everywhere present, including our whole world, and all universes. It contains all the elements of life - the Svarog, the heavenly smith, maker of men (bottom right), Mother Earth (lower left corner), the sun and its life-giving force (upper left panel) and Perun, the patron of people (upper right round).

The Eye of Horus is the Eye of God, it is the realization of self as seen in many cultures. For ancient Egypt, the awakening of Uraeus, also known as Kundalini, is the Knowing of Thyself…It is God… Ancient Aliens, Ancient Egypt, Illuminati, Third Eye Quotes, Terre Plate, Master Of The Universe, Spirit Science, Knowledge And Wisdom, Eye Of Horus is Expired or Suspended.