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Paperhouses / Dekleva Gregoric A simple small proto-house defines a basic unit of a system. It can work as a small home or a holiday-house or it just works as a one of several units within a larger aggregation...the type of specific version of the add-on (extruded window) or chosen facade & roof cladding further customise the house. Within a set of different decisions the generic volume is customized to the user’s needs and specific context and becomes one’s home or holiday home.

Shop drawings aren't produced by architects. In many instances, a flat elevation drawing isn't enough to have an appropriate feel of the undertaking.

Source: Architect Visit: Olle Lundberg's Scavenged and Salvaged Cabin

Olle Lundberg's Scavenged and Salvaged Cabin. The pool used to be a water tank for livestock. At diameter and deep it provides a wonderful black hole of water, particularly in a full moon.