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Södermalm kök vitt marmorskiva

Utvalda / Selected Interiors 2015 #13

I like this styling done by Josefin Haag for Fantastic Frank. The colors in the seating area and kitchen are very vibrant and give me a spring feeling, while the dining area and the duplex room where the bed is placed … Continue reading →


Hemma hos: Nirvan Richters harmoniska oas

At-home Nirvan-richter-norrvgavel-kitchen-dining-table coking-plants-table…


Veckans utvalda / Selected Interiors #27

En blogg om inredning och trädgård i mitt 60-talshus

En blogg om inredning och trädgård i mitt 60-talshus



Bolaget Fastighetsförmedling

long table with comfy bench on one side - Bolaget Fastighetsförmedling

Lådhandtag från Byggfabriken

A wide range of hardware and interior details for renovation and restoration of cultural heritage environments and old to semi-modern housing.


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