Stacie, I love this wallpaper!!! Thanks for sending it! Don't be surprised if you find this in my house:)

15 Sofa and Chairs Ideas

Sandberg Linnea (Engelska Tapetmagasinet)

Another great design to use with MagLiner and Custom Magnets. Pretty wallpaper for the bedroom.

Boråstapeter, Jubileum, Helena 5461

Unique Scandinavian wallpaper from Boråstapeter and Engblad & CO, the largest and most reputable wallpaper brands in Sweden.

Boråstapeter Ingrid Tapet


Borastapeter Ingrid Dandelion Meadow Wallpaper - Blossoms of Queen Anne's Lace stand out against the background of the Borastapeter Ingrid Dandelion Meadow Wallpaper like clouds in the sky.