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Dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon and pop balloon when dry-----LOVE THIS!!!

Yarn balloon spheres: Cut strands of yarn, blow up balloon. Mix equal parts craft glue & water. Dip yarn in glue, wrap around balloon. Hang balloon with clothesline & clothespin. Once dry pop balloon and remove. Modge-podge could work too.

DIY "love" blocks. So cute! Can't wait to make them for Valentine's Day.

this would be so cute for a wedding gift. "L" - their first picture together. "O" - his parents' wedding picture. "V" - her parents' wedding picture. "E" - their wedding picture

white crayon, water colors.

White crayon and water colors. You could use white crayon to draw a Westie and have the watercolor surrounding it!

Know which glue to use for your craft projects!

Adhesive Chart – Which Glue Should I Use? What glue should I use? Adhesive is essential in crafting world. Your glue selection could make or break your project.

Great owl templates

Great owl templates Look at the OWLS! I am collecting OWL patterns for use later. This is so SPECIAL!

Tutorial on how to turn a lowly composition book into a thick and unique journal.

Making a Composition Book Art Journal--tutorial on how to turn a composition book into a thick and unique journal.

turn toddler scribbles into gift bows    that's kinda cool

Eco-friendly bows, and they're customized! Turn scribbles or kid-drawings into bows! You could make this a craft for kids - do potato prints, then cut up and make bows & gift wrap!

Preserve Fall Leaves With Mod Podge

Pressed leaves + mod podge: It's like magic! Your leaf becomes flexible and supple again, and the original color reappears! And your leaf will last and last for years!

Turn fall leaves into seasonal roses for a centerpiece!

I love roses. What a great idea to pick up the beautiful fall leaves in Lubbock or wherever you live to make these unique fall leaf roses.

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