Méchant Design: those girls that inspire me

Fun DIY idea for exposed cables - wooden bead electrical cord. Use this to protect the cord from cat teeth.


Create your own charging station with a power strip and an old shoe box. Simply decorate the shoe box, cut holes for the charger wires and put the power strip inside the shoe box.

Smart och billig förvaring av hårtänger och sladdar

DIY - Curling Iron holder with PVC pipe for the inside of bathroom cabinet, hubs did this for my culring iron and flat iron and I love it!

Two Simple Solutions for Tangled Wires and Cables http://pic.twitter.com/gaCiTCbG

If your numerous wires, plugs and cables are a tangled mess, these simple solutions may help. Love the cardboard tubes for storage, such a great idea!

Loving the smart organization tips in this post like this great way to organize your digital photos - USB flash drives on a metal ring!

My Five Favorite Ways to Stay Organized

No scrolling way back in photo software — or even figuring out photo software —required. Because a lonely flash drive = a lost flash drive, grouping the years on a keyring with a ribbon makes it easier to find in a drawer. Read more on Driven by Decor.

Hanging Baskets

storage - maybe your space is smaller. Have peg board cut smaller & utilize the height in your pantry. Hang baskets over each other in a single line inside your pantry. You can even make the baskets a bit smaller to fit your space.