Having a small backyard shouldn't stop you from growing any kind of produce that…

Trellis and raised garden box combo

Build this trellis and raised garden box combination. Cucumber, snap peas, green beans, tomatoes… ah, just think about that fresh organic food you can grow in a small area! Another huge advantage is that harvesting is a breeze.

12 Reasons to Get Really Excited for Spring

A beautiful white picket gate. Lovely pink hydrangea flowers line the stone path. This is such a lovely garden idea, and so inviting

Repurposing an old table into a lettuce bed

Loving my lettuce table

These great tips of how to save gardening space by growing vertically up allows…

How-to-Grow-a-Constant-Supply-of-Organic-Produce-in-the-Tiniest-Amount-of-Space Trellis vegetables watermelon squash pumpkin tomatoes cucumber pole beans peas nasturtium cantaloupe

Studio | Serre | want this on my veranda as a extra room / studio

Beautiful greenhouse attached - even if you are living in the city, this piece of freedom inspired by wooden elements let you escape from everyday life.