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A Baby's Best Friend

Mastiff + baby Awww I love big dogs. I want baby to grow up with a dog.

This thrifty Christmas craft is a gorgeous homemade advent calendar for Christmas!

Advent Calendar + decorating with old familiar things

Love it!

I love this cute lil Bow Ring! I love this cute lil Bow Ring! I love this cute lil Bow Ring!

Looking for an original way to count down to Christmas? Then you'll need to see our latest collection of homemade advent calendars. You'll find traditional Christmas calendars, thrifty ideas, and very out-of-the-box advent calendar designs.

28 Fantastic Advent Calendars to Make

This Baby Jar Advent Christmas Tree is a great example of how to make cute, recycled Christmas crafts. A homemade advent calendar like this is easy--especially if you find yourself with lots of extra baby jars!

Shiba Inu Dog Magnet  This Blows by PopDoggie on Etsy, $5.99

Refrigerator Magnets with Shiba Inu - My Wish is Your Command - Shiba Inu Gifts Dog Fridge Refrigerator Magnets

Shiba Inu Magnet My Wish is Your Command by PopDoggie on Etsy