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This is the way I feel.

I've got it thru my head Dad, but my heart refuses to listen. I lost me the day that I lost you. I search everyday for something to ease the pain.


I have found this to be absolutely true. You can't try to have your mind try to assist you with the grieving process. The heart and your emotions are separate all together and will play out its own effects separately.

So very true. Missing my son... 11/7/85 - 6/23/14

The only people whom I let my guard down is with other grieving mothers. There is an instant bond and almost a relief that you don't have to "work" the conversation!

I will always be proud of you . I will always be proud to call me your mother.. I will never be the same as when you were alive..before you caused your death and left me... But I will always remember the wonderful son --my son..Joshua

I loved you before you were born and after you were gone, every second in between and for all eternity beyond. My daughter Allison

Miss you everyday more and more..something is terribly broken inside of me Mom.

Broken 💔 "Maybe people can't see a broken heart, but it doesn't mean it isn't broken. Since you've been gone, I feel like every part of me is broken. You were part of my heart and my soul. I miss you!" Jaak s 😪

It's a battle I fight daily. I miss you Gus ❤️❤️❤️

It's a battle I fight daily. I miss you So much Colton Austin Aukerman 💙