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Procreate - Smudge automagically with your finger!
There’s a couple steps you have to follow: 🖍️Go to Actions ▶️ Preferences 🖍️ Once in Preferences tap on ▶️ Gesture Controls 🖍️ Tap on Smudge and Activate ▶️ Touch Now Select any Brush, lay down some color and everytime your finger touches the screen… it’ll SMUDGE! #procreate #procreatetips #procreateartist #ipadpro
Procreate gold tip - Drag and drop layers without loosing their order!
The Best Procreate Feature - Get rid of those lost dots!
WRITTEN STEPS IN THE CAPTION👇👇👇 Procreate artist! Here’s a super basic but oh-so-handy tip for you! 🖌️🎨 Ever found yourself lost in a sea of layers, desperately searching for that forking imperfection like a ninja dot? 😅 Fear not, follow these: 🔴 Tap on Actions - Preferences - Gesture Controls, 🟠 Tap on Layer select and 'Touch and Hold' to activate, 🟢 Customize the delay to your liking, 🔵 Find the annoying imperfection, tap and hold and that will select the layer where that thing is. ?
Procreate - Gold Tip for Adding Texture! #procreatetutorials #procreate #procreatetricks
How to create 70s Retro Lettering Style - PROCREATE Step-by-Step Beginner Tutorial
Beginner friendly step-by-step tutorial to create groovy vintage seventies lettering! Learn from simple letters to colorful retro styles using our newest Marker Madness set. It's beginner-friendly and perfect for all creatives seeking new lettering techniques.
3D Letter on Procreate - Step-by-Step Tutorial
Have you checked our new Patreon yet? 🖍️ Learn Procreate Lettering & Illustration with us. This is one of the two tutorials included this month and we’ll give you everything you need in order to follow along -Brushes too!!! And all skill levels welcome.
Free Brushes for Procreate!
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Procreate - How to create a Grainy PLANT ILLUSTRATION - Step-by-Step Tutorial
🖌️Procreate - How to create a Grainy PLANT ILLUSTRATION - Step-by-Step Tutorial Elevate your iPad lettering skills with this user-friendly tutorial! Discover new lettering techniques as we guide you step-by-step through the process and provide complimentary resources to enhance your results. Ideal for creatives seeking to advance their abilities and explore fresh lettering methods.
Retro Lettering Style In Procreate (Process Video)
In this video, I am creating a retro styled lettering piece using my iPad and the Procreate app. i fitted the design into a circle and added a wavy line in the middle to create a more dynamic feeling. I've also added some rough texture to complete the retro feeling.
Create a Bevelled Lettering Effect in Procreate!
BEST way to make curves on PROCREATE!
Procreate’s Smart Shape function is a definitely a must use. After you make a stroke without lifting your pencil, this magical feature pops up. Tap on it and behold the power of shape editing with those little handles. It’s like having a helpful sidekick that knows exactly what shape you’re going for! 🙌
Procreate Tips
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Lettering & Illustration #02 (+Procreate Tutorials)
Best way to add DROP SHADOWS on Procreate!
Create 3D Porcelain Lettering in few Easy Steps