Kyle McLachlan, truly deserving of a whole damn board of his own. (via @twinpeaksarchve)

Twin Peaks on

Soon to return from "The Black Lodge". Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle Maclachlan) in the David Lynch/Mark Frost show Twin Peaks.

Davids Lynch & Bowie

The Davids: David Lynch & David Bowie for the film "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me", 1992

images from twin peaks, edited by me. plus photos inspired by twin peaks, taken by me.

Twin Peaks - The Log Lady "Ask it"

sam-i-jam: “My name is Margaret Lanterman. I live in Twin Peaks. I am known as the Log Lady.

Jeff Brouws, Columbus, Ohio, 2004 24 x 20 inches (edition of 38 x 38 inches (edition of archival pigment print

Twin Peaks - Pilot

Future presidents, rugged individualists, sweet-faced fictional teenagers who may or may not survive the night—it seems as though everyone’s logged time in a cabin. Let’s salute those homestead farmers, rustic charmers and . undead harmers, shall we?