teacup candle

DIY teacup candles: Love these! So cute as a centerpiece on a tea party table or shower table. Perfect given as party favors too. Use mis-matched cups from a thrift store for a pretty, inexpensive shabby chic theme or gift.

barbed wire chandelier

Barbed wire and crystal. rusty and sharp with elegant and sparkly. my kind of contrast (How hard would this actually be? Have plenty of barbed wire in the barn. Paint it, or leave it rusty?) What a wedding piece!

Beautiful Upcycled Barbed Wire Creations

THREE HOLDERS LEFT Reminiscent of the old west, our barbed wire candle holders are a unique way to bring western decor to your home. From Park Designs, each can

Barbed wire candle holder

Barbed wire candle for centerpieces? Maybe not as much barbed wire and a white candle.