NeNethemeanmachine Havila

NeNethemeanmachine Havila

NeNethemeanmachine Havila
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Jewelry Making Tutorial-DIY Beaded Bracelet with Easy Beading Patterns | PandaHall Beads Jewelry Blog

I create this DIY beaded bracelet by using three different beads. You just need master the easy beaded bracelet patterns and go with our DIY beaded bracelet tutorial if you have the desire to learn this jewelry!

Making a Cool Diagonal Striped Bracelet with Turquoise and Pearl Beads

This time, we will share a jewelry making tutorial about how to make a cool diagonal striped bracelet with turquoise and pearl beads. This is a fresh and elegant bracelet.

Chevron Necklace Tutorial via Craft Pond

Craft Pond Tutorial: Chevron Necklace This is made with seed or E beads strung on I pins then placed on a cross piece and spaced with same beads dont forget to start and end with them as well