Astonishing Makeup Ideas for Your Wedding Day

Eyes are regarded as most beautiful feature of a person and they actually reflect one's personality and real self. A woman's and bag or purse is always full of essential products for makeup. Eye shadow, mascaras, eye iner are its essential parts.

10 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

10 Life-Changing Makeup Tips Every Girl Should Know

It’s hard being a girl - and dealing with makeup can be a real struggle sometimes. But, here are some life-changing makeup tips you might not know that will make your life a little easier! Use toilet seat covers as blotting paper.

makeup tutorial

Makeup Ideas - Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial ~ 10 Brown Eyeshadow Tutorials for Seductive Eyes - GleamItUp

Eye-Popping Make Up Tutorial

Eye-Popping for deep set The only thing missing from this blue eyes makeup tutorial is false lashes by Minki Lashes to make them POP even more.

It's time to slough off winter with this Brown Sugar & Honey Body Scrub. It smells delicious and would be easy to whip up as a gift for Mom.

Brown Sugar and Honey Body Scrub

This Brown Sugar & Honey Body Scrub is hands down my favorite homemade scrub. Just 3 ingredients. It's quick, easy and smells great. I even use it on my face!

DIY Nail Soak For Longer, Stronger Nails

Areas to Highlight and #Contour Your Face for Beginners

How to contour & highlight perfectly-- Contact me today to help choose the products that best suit you for highlighting and contouring.

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Pink + gold glitter nails when I see this it makes me think of a baby girls nursery. I want my baby's nursery to be pink and gold.

Goodbye ugly feet!You need: A small bucket, 1 cup of hot or warm water, 1/2 cup listerine and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Put your feet for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.

cup listerine, cup vinegar and 2 cups warm water. Let feet soak for 10 min then rinse. Rub feet well with a towel removing excess skin. Then moisturize. by wendi

Julianne Hough's windswept bob, golden eyeshadow and fluttery lashes make for a gorgeous golden goddess look

Yes, Face-Slimming Hairstyles Exist, and Here Are Our Favorites

Egg yolk face mask for wrinkles and line. To hydrate, moisturize and plump up aging skin.

DIY: Egg Yolk Face Mask Recipes for Glowing Skin

Natural DIY Face Masks : Egg yolk face mask for wrinkles and line. To hydrate moisturize and plump up ag

Get tip! I started a regiment similar to this one in hopes the age spots will…

Honey & Lemon Facial for dark spot eraser and moisturizer. Hint: Dip honey coated lemon in granulated sugar for an automatic skin lighting/toning facial scrub.