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25.) Balloon ping pong is a fun activity your kids can safely play indoors.

Paper plates, Popsicle sticks, and a balloon are all you need to play Balloon Ping-Pong. (Not sure how sturdy the paper plates would be, but may be able to do something similar for a carnival/game night social event theme.

halloween craft.. all you need are googly eyes, tissue paper, mason jars and a candle

More Mason jars.halloween craft: googly eyes, tissue paper, a mason caar and one of those little fake candles that runs on a battery since the residents cant have candles in their apartments. looks simple enough

DIY cat tights tutorial from Sprinkles in Springs.

DIY cat tights tutorial i don't get this a cat i'm supposed to recognize? cat's on your knees mean? if i want cats on my tights, do i really need a tutorial?

33 Activities For Kids That Cost Under $10

Balloon Rockets - I've done this in several science camps I've conducted. Kids have fun with it. But, when the balloon deflates it may fall off the straw because it's surface area changes - another good thing to show and explain to kids.

11.) Tape a paper towel roll to the wall to make a simple game for your toddler.

20 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy.this is an awesome list! I really like the paper towel tube on the wall and all the different pipe cleaner activities.

26.) Strands of painter's tape can form a fun, sticky spiderweb.

Spider-Mans web at superhero party. The simplest activities are the best with kids! Make a spider web out of painter's tape, let them throw scrunched up newspaper ball to see if they can get them to stick.